About NEPL

North - East Premier League

Even during the past thirty-year conflict, our North and East region was recognized for its sportsmen and women and sporting achievements especially in Football for many years. There were few tournaments successfully conducted by various initiatives, connecting Northern Eastern Districts separately except the National sports festival. To really highlight the football teams of North and East, the Committee of the North-East Premier League (NEPL) has come front to kick start the massive event of North-East Premier League integrating all the best players from the local clubs representing their districts.

The Committee of the North-East Premier League (NEPL) includes sports devotees. each members in the committee have already successfully conducted many regional and provincial tournaments since the war ended in 2009. Our committee already familiar in getting Media sponsorships and the financial sponsorship from a number of businesses and companies. Also our committee has members from district, provincial and national football leagues which we could influence all three levels to fulfill our objectives.

This North-East Premier League (NEPL) football tournament includes all the best well known football players among each districts from North and East provinces allocating spaces for each district business VIPs to own a team and taking the ownership of the area they belongs to, which make this tournament a truly unifying event to inter-connect the younger generation beyond all the enmities of religion and race. Also there is a small margin allocated for each team to welcome outside football professional players. It provide professional experience for our local players by playing with the professional hired player, learning their tactics and technics of the football game.

Our Aims

Finding the local talented players and sports clubs in the North and East region and enabling them to the international practices and rules of football.

Promoting North & East players via commercial events and tournaments to highlight them for national pools.

Our Mission

“Uplifting and unifying the North & East Football”